Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Tonight I have no doubt that Cheney will invoke 911 and secruity while pounding Edwards on where he made his money -- to which I'm sure Edwards is saying to himself "Bring it on".

Edwards made his money sticking up for the "little guy" against corporations. Remember the jacuzzi case. It will be a wonderful time to get that out there -- how the company that made this defective product that ripped this young girl's innerds out, offered a measley 20 thousand bucks for compensation and Edwards turned them down. It will give him a chance to highlight his values of compassion and "fighting" for the average person.

It will also give him a chance to question where Cheney made his money (inherited much of it), his ties to Haliburton, and his questionable business practices or corporate cronism.

Likewise I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of "undisclosed location" digs to ruffle Cheney's feathers. How's that 911 workin' out for you, Dick?


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flipper -- is fungible.

In a statement issued several hours after he had told the Council on Foreign Relations in New York that "to my knowledge, I have not seen any strong, hard evidence that links the two", Mr Rumsfeld claimed he had been "misunderstood".


Bremer criticizes troop levels in Iraq sounds like Kerry 

That's gotta hurt. After the debate debacle for Dear Gerbil, I mean, Leader, on foriegn policy, Bremmer comes out and says planning failure created an atmosphere of "lawlessness". Yeah, thanks for that insight -- the only people who thought we were makin' progress is the gerbilator and his gerbites.

The article goes on to say Bremmer's criticism sound a lot like, gasp, Kerry's criticism. Go figure. It should be fun to see the spin on this one.


Monday, October 04, 2004

must see tv 

you have probably seen this already, but just in case, here it is again. Warning: movie.


our friends 

But don't forget Poland -- they're done with Iraq. It's a mess. Australia's 850 troops should also be leaving soon as their elections come close. Grand coalition.


Friday, October 01, 2004

stupid monkey 




This is wierd --

Here's a story that explores the various reaction to the debate. Two things: 1st there's not a single Middle Eastern country in the story. You'd think that since most of the debate was about something in their region, they'd have some reaction to it. 2nd the story is overall favorable to Kerry, but at the end it examines Asian reaction and, well, check this out:

Some Asian viewers also saw Kerry come out ahead in the debate.

"I don't think President Bush did such a good job on the issues. He seemed to waver," said auditor Rob Liew, a critic of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq who watched the debate while sipping coffee in Singapore.

Thousands of miles away in Tokyo, salesman Yasuyoshi Eguchi was certain about who ought to be U.S. president.

"The ties between Japan and the United States got better after Bush took office," said Eguchi, who hadn't yet heard the debate. "I think Bush is more suitable for the job."

What? They had to get a Bush supporter who hadn't even heard the debate to comment on the debate? For what, balance? Funny.


the chimponator 

yes, Kerry won; no, he toasted Dear Leader. The SCLM is hard at work though, and we should see a lot of spin on how Bush didn't do "that bad" and Kerry is supposedly asking soldiers to die for "the wrong war". Jeebus, even the response to the spin is being spun -- the fourth estate has just left the building.

SCLM should also make the "declared winner" of the debate murky by calling it a draw --the complete disconnect between what we saw and what they say we saw is amazing. Daily Kos, Atrios, Digby, Oliver Willis, Talking Points' Josh marshall -- (links to left) -- all have some great post debate analysis.

I do wish Kerry would look into the camera more. Bush did a few times and the only time Kerry did was at the end. Though, Bush also looked like a fucking angry gerbil, so....

CNN, more fox than fox.

Daily Show's skit on undecides was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.


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