Thursday, July 29, 2004

gop flipping it 

I'm sure if you haven't seen it, you've heard about it -- the infamous "flipper" video. Ridiculous. This comes from the same party in which the commander n cheif said, "osama dead or alive" to osama is not the most important person in the war on terror" -- or how about "saddam has weapons and we know where they are" to "saddam's wmd programs" to saddam's intent to create wmd programs". Holy crap.

This crap needs to be adressed and adressed by some dems with balls. I'm thinking pelosi.

The cons can cater to the freepers, the most despicable and extreme in their party who love this shit -- though I imagine if they had dear leader hanging kerry over a bbq at the end they'd be much more ecstatic.  How can they cater to the bottom feeders of their party and still be considered mainstream?  How can the media treat this like news?


no time to lose yer --  

It worked again, much to the consternation of Powell, Bush, and Allawi.

"Democracy is hard," Mr. Powell said in a television interview in Hungary, where he is visiting as part of a tour to Europe and the Middle East. "Democracy is dangerous. And this is the time for us to be steadfast, not get weak in the knees. We must not allow insurgents, those who will use bombs and kidnapping and beheadings, to triumph."

Especially democracy brought on the end of a tank and was more of a byproduct, or the dross of the war, rather than the original goal --


doctors w/o borders leave 

This is sad. It says a great deal about the incompetence of this administration and its inability to do what it says it's going to do. On both points we have forgotten that country and the people in it including our troops.


Wednesday, July 28, 2004

if for no other reason 

I'd like our President to be literate and inderstandable when dealing with other countries.

“Pay for teachers in America today is a national disgrace. We need toraise it. We need to treat teachers more like the professionals they areand pay them more like professionals.”
—John F. Kerry, July 16, 2004

"You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass aliteracy test.''
—George W. Bush, Feb. 21, 2001

“Millions of children have been left behind – left with overcrowdedclassrooms, left without textbooks, and left without the high-qualitytests that measure what they are learning… It’s time to fully fund NoChild Left Behind.”
—John F. Kerry, July 16, 2004

"There needs to be a wholesale effort against racial profiling, which is illiterate children."
—George W. Bush, Oct. 11, 2000

“We can’t provide a 21st century education in 19th century schools. No broken promises on funding. No more empty rhetoric on reform. No privatizing the public jobs that strengthen our communities. And novouchers.”
—John F. Kerry, July 16, 2004

"A results-oriented administration… will make America what we want itto be — a literate country and a hopefuller country."
—George W. Bush, Jan. 11, 2001

and, of course,

“Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?”
—George W. Bush, Jan. 11, 2000


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

great tunes 

Berry picks up a great compilation of indie music to boot dear leader.  Check it out.



Cons to 'Dukakis' Kerry 

This is why we love the cons so much. Their dirty tricks are so well worn and apparent that the media picks them up as news while at the same time pushing the con agenda -- personally I like this picture -- sock and all. Or maybe this one. Or how about?  Yeah baby, get yer business done.

You know  when cons have to "dukakis" Kerry rather than actually adress any substantive issues, I'm thinking we have only begun to see how nasty it is going to get.  Truthfully cons will probably win because they are much better at it than libs -- plus, the media seems to love the juice.


Iraq Pipeline Watch 

Watch the Iraqi Pipeline -- since oil is why were there after all -- well, that, and a few bases in the Middle East.

Via Newsinsinder


Monday, July 26, 2004

Protection Money 

Has the Pentagon been watching a little too much of Fat Tony -- now we're paying the bastards not to shoot at us.  That's our cash folks.  And whose to say they aren't shoving it into one pocket while pulling a grenade from the other?  This whole thing is ridiculous -- one soldier calls it "priming the pump"; I call it throwing cash into the septic tank.


Sunday, July 25, 2004

6 is a lucky number 

Sweet. After being close to 7 minutes back to come through on the mountain stages is unbelievable.

I guess he disproves the whole marriage ruins careers thing (see Tiger).


fantasy owners 

This sucks if you're a Miami fan or a fantasy owner.  Williams was always a little goofy in the head.  At least it will get me thinking about something else besides the impending doom the NHL seems to be heading for.



Ok, I'm officialy back.  Much to the interest of some and consternation of others, I'll be able to post quite regularly for the time being. 

Over the past few weeks I have been working a number of jobs, many in the construction/painting arenas, and at all the jobs there seemed to be a very visible divide of those who were libs and those who were cons.  If you have ever worked contrsuction, this is ussually not the case.  It's almost entirely a conservative group.  I don't know if this is a trend, or just this region, or even just the jobs that I happenned to be on, but when even the hard working, beer drinking, truck driving folks are starting to show good common sense, there is hope.  One particular carpenter went as far to say that the dems need to let the gun debate die because the way these neocons are going, they will need some weapons to protect themselves and their families.  Sidebar: He was absolutely voting for Kerry this election and does not generally support NRA, though he's considering it. 

You think Ann Coutler and Mike Savage are having an effect?  Yeah, me too.



Saturday, July 24, 2004


We've lost. There's no other way around it. No matter what happens now, we're cooked.

The kidnapping of such a high level emissary should shock every nation and corporation in Iraq or thinking about getting in on Iraq. Likewise, the wave of kidnapping is morally reprehensible, it is also intelligent. The hostage takers can make the stories of the "victims" known by personalizing them on both TV and on the internet. Public outrage at beheading will only go so far, then it will turn into 'this ain't worth it, let's get the fuck out' or 'let's just nuke 'em'. The latter we've been hearing more from the cons, but I'm not certain the majority of the people have the stomach for it.

I know this is not a new technique for guerrillas, but it is a new technique for the American public to watch live. 

Likewise when one couples this with the Pentagon's admission they are hiring mercs in Afghanistan to torture people (looking for more sources on this), and unemployment at 70% in Iraq, there can't be that many poor slobs willing to get their heads chopped off for Haliburton.


Friday, July 16, 2004

some time 

It has been some time since I last posted.  I have been extremely busy with the day job, which has turned into a day and into the night job.  I have been keeping up with things all things political and will be posting on a few things shortly.   Check out some of the blogs to the right.


Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Iraq War Helping al-Qaida 

From the "uh, yeah" catagory.


Wednesday, July 07, 2004

new get yer war on 

Check it out.


three cheers for Lay 

Bout time. Ken Lay was indicted.

And lest we forget.

Hopefully our media will also make the connection, though somehow I doubt it. I mean, they aren't covering the prison scandal latest involving children, why should they cover dear leader's ardent supporters and friends who just happen to be crooks? More on the scandal new information can be found on Sadly No -- via Atrios. Of course, we should all remember World Nut Daily's Larry Elder's comments on May 13th -- let's get some perspective. He lists a series of war crimes and atrocities done by major countries and regimes around the globe including China, Germany, Iraq, and North Korea -- does he now wish to add our name to that distinguished list? Instead of making excuses and calling for some perspective, some of these cons should have been calling for fuller investigations and more oversight. I can't get my head around the hyperbolic ideology that posits responsibility next to excuses all the time.



The dreaded word drudges up a nightmare. For many it means juggling numerous tasks at one's employment while trying to keep up with Jimmy's piano lessons and Susie's soccer game all while trying to keep one's head from spinning off.

An article in the latest Business Week suggests it's the new generation's mantra -- except it's not to be efficient in one's employment, rather it's for entertainment and gadgets. CJ, the college-aged multi-tasker, watches three TV's, plays a video game, surfs the net, and reads a magazine at the same time. No wonder grades are in the shitter. And no, I'm not kidding.

Every child in the US is diagnosed with ADD; maybe they just have what CJ so dutifully exhibits: an attention span of a two-year old. Maybe this type of "multitasking" is great for diversion from serious contemplation of anything beyond one inning of baseball, a quick hand of cyber poker, or a response to an IM, but I don't see why it is a positive "action". OK, they get to "read" more or "see" more, but the actual thinking part, or the understanding of anything, god forbid, complex, is lost in the matrix of entertainment overload.

seriously, students can't be asked to read, say, Hearts of Darkness as a senior because they don't have the time, skills, or attention span to read it, let alone think about the subtleties. Amen for the No Child Left Behind -- simplification at its best -- for the new generation of CJ's won't need to think -- they can entertain themselves into oblivion.


Kerry Edwards free bumper stickers 

Get yer Kerry Edwards free bumper sticker here -- thanks to MoveOn

I would love to see these things everywhere!


Vagueness is so "in" 

From the gaggle yesterday -- the cons continue

Q So let me see if I've got this straight. The President will continue to talk about the issues and the record. And the RNC and the campaign will continue to put out statements about Kerry's disingenuousness and liberal tendencies?

MR. McCLELLAN: Well, I think that --

Q You'll have sort of a two-track thing going here, right?

MR. McCLELLAN: I don't -- I don't think I agree with your characterization. I think that it's, like I said, perfectly legitimate to point out the differences and to discuss the record. And that's what campaigns are about. The voters deserve to know what the choices are, and they deserve to have an honest discussion of the differences and an honest discussion of the records.

Q What about the rhetoric? What about the rhetoric and the changing of the tone?

MR. McCLELLAN: I just don't agree with the way you characterized -- the way you characterize it.

Q But the moment you called a person disingenuous, Scott, you're no longer talking about the record. You're talking about their personality, aren't you, when you call him, disingenuous?

MR. McCLELLAN: As I said --

Q That's a personal --

MR. McCLELLAN: As I said, James, we've been through this issue. I think I've addressed it. The President is going to continue to focus on the issues and the differences and the choices that voters face. And he'll continue to talk about his vision and his leadership for the future of America.


Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Sprinkle of this a tad of that 

I just returned from Virginia and am trying to catch up on things; however, a few quick notes.

I really don't feel like commenting on the veep choice, but the coverage is sickening. If the spinasters want to try and paint the J's as two super elites who are friends of special interests while mentioning the "diapers" line every 30 seconds, I'm going to send 'em a few strap-ons and send a note using our own veep's immortal words: "Go Fuck yourself". Bush, born in Conneticut, and Cheney don't have any ties to special interests, big money, or silver spoons up their orifices -- now back to your commercials.

Speaking of propaganda -- this article is classic -- the pulling of Saddam's statue was staged. We've been reading about this and talking about this since about, oh, THE DAY IT FREAKIN HAPPENED. Glad the official version of the story backs up all of us tin foil hat wearers.

Daily Show -- Nader just said "anybody but Bush" and there was a rousing applause from the audience. No, it's not anybody but Bush -- it's for Kerry and with Edwards I'm more interested. Nader's a nob, but I don't have problem with him in the debates. As a matter of fact, I'd like to see more people in the debates --

Leni Reifenstahl would be proud.


Sunday, July 04, 2004

Uniter not a divider 

Seventy-year-old Florence Orris, among those at the Parma rally, said she's backing Bush because of his integrity and strong faith. She lamented the "ugly" tone of the campaign but nonetheless said she didn't blame Cheney for blurting out an expletive during an angry encounter with Sen. Patrick Leahy on the Senate floor last month.

"I'm almost getting to that point with my Democratic friends," she declared. "One of them told me this week she hates President Bush."


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