Friday, February 27, 2004

60 minutes? 

That's all Bush can spare for the 3000 lives lost in the greatest crime committed against us on American soil? 60 minutes? Josh Marshall succinctly describes the Bush platform: run on 9/11 while stonewalling the commission. Priceless.

And check out the gaggle this morning -- go get 'em Helen.

And check out what Aaron Brown said -- yeah, Brown from CNN -- whoda thunk?

I've had my ups and downs with Aaron - I actually had an ongoing exchange with him via email, back when the media was still in 'sacred presidency' mode.

Nice to see he's located his sense of outrage once more. From tonight's program:

"We admit we don't do "causes" very well on the program, and I don't do "outrage" well at all, yet tonight, a cause, and an outrage.

The decision by the speaker of the house to deny the independent commission investigating the 911 attack on America a 60 day extention, that's all, 60 days, is unconscienable and indefensible, which no doubt explains why neither the speaker nor any member of the house leadership nor any of their press secretaries would come on the program to talk about it, despite repeated requests.

The commission itself has gone about it's work quietly. It has had to fight tooth and nail to get necessary information. And now this, an arbitrary decision to deny not just the commission, that's the least of it; but the country, the chance to know all of what happened, how it happened, and how best to prevent it from happening again. Perhaps the speaker and his team assume you do not care. I hope they're wrong. I hope you care enough to write them and email them and call them until they relent. Do that. Do it for the victims and their families, do it for the country that was attacked, and for history.

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