Wednesday, March 10, 2004


So one of the two stories I'm really following are the 911 ads and the plame investigation. Atrios has much to offer on the ads while Mrashall seems to have the most current info on the Plame affair.

Check out what Howard Stern and Jimmy Breslin are saying about the ads. It wouldn't be so bad if Bush didn't evoke 911 for everything for tax cuts to war with Iraq but the way it stands, he is making 911 the most political event in our nation's history.

I hope "I will never polticize 911" Bush continues to run the ads -- between hiring actors to be firefighters and the stonewalling of the 911 commission (limiting questions to one hour with ony the chairs), there will be enough fodder for October and November when people will be truly tuning in. Patience -- the more people see the ads, the more they will see this stinks; especially when he accepts the nomination on top of ground zero.

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