Monday, March 01, 2004

eating invertabrates--about right 

Scalia has been asked, again, to recuse himself from hearing the Cheney energy task force case. Some people believe there may be a level of impropriety since he was flown out on Air Force 2 as "guests of the president of an energy services " company and went duck hunting with Cheney and a few energy big wigs.

I know three things about ducks -- 1) they eat some weird shit -- insects like midge larvae, mayflies, and damselfly nymphs -- I don't know what Scalia eats, but he sure has some cahoonas trying to pass off the "there's no reason to think I would be biased here" line. 2) If it quacks like a duck.... 3) Daffy was much cooler than Bugs -- "Mine, all mine! I'm rich. I'm independently wealthy." And he sings better than Scalia.

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