Thursday, March 04, 2004

A few decades? That sucks fer them youngins', don't it? 

Cripes, I'm glad I'm not 16-27 years old. This article culls some info from a variety of sources and gives one interesting tidbit from General Garner:

Noting how establishing U.S. naval bases in the Philippines in the early 1900s allowed the United States to maintain a "great presence in the Pacific," Garner said, "To me that's what Iraq is for the next few decades. We ought to have something there ... that gives us great presence in the Middle East. I think that's going to be necessary."

Yeah, that explanation would have sold us the war and then some -- couldn't you see Faux News trying to wrap patriotism and fear around that? Snow: We need a strong base of operations in the middle east. Hannity: That's right so we can go kill us some Arabs and broadcast America is great news 24/7. Colmes: C'mon guys, preemptive war is a big deal. Should we be doing it for a new base of operations? Hannity: Shut up bitch. Get me my leather thong and lick my boot you un-American liberal Taliban.

Seriously though, who is going to occupy those damn bases? And don't say the guys who are currently in Saudi Arabia -- who will be leaving now that they have new digs. I have a feeling we'll need more troops in Iraq than in SA since we invaded their freakin' country and killed some 8-10 thousand civilians in the process. Yeah, if I was a family member of one of those 8-10 thousand people I'd say hey thanks for getting rid Saddam and by the way, stay in my country for decades. Really, no problem. You can have my couch. You want to bang one of my daughters that you didn't kill while you're here. Sure, no problem. For you, baby, anything.

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