Sunday, March 07, 2004

Guns, guns, guns, we all have them, let's not be rash 

So China is going to raise their military budget up to possible 50b.

"The increase of nearly 12% - higher than that of 2003 - will see an extra $2.6bn allocated to defence, officially raising the budget to more than $25bn.

The BBC's Rupert Wingfield-Hayes in Beijing says analysts believe the real figure is at least double that."

Accordin to Ruters, "The 15 biggest spenders, led by the United States, accounted for more than three quarters of total world military expenditure, it said." So who are the other 14 -- well, you have to check out this graph.

Meanwhile in Haiti the rebels are now saying they will not disarm and are giving like chicken livers and pbby tongues to their vodoo war god. This is only after thousands of POOR people who came out in support of their ousted president.

Chavez -- (Venezuela is sharply split between those who fear Chavez is trying to install Cuba-style dictatorship and those who say he has given a political voice to the impoverished majority. The president's six-year term ends in 2007. The constitution allows recalls halfway through an elected official's term._ -- you're next.

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