Thursday, March 25, 2004

I wanna be an airborne... wait 

Entertainment Liason!

I want that job. Here's the lede:

Protecting America against terrorist attacks and other disasters requires strong interagency communication and superior intelligence-gathering. Oh, and a little help from Hollywood.

Forget wagging the dog, just think Leni R. and you'll be triumphant. 136g's a year. Crap. That's over 4 times what I make now. I thought I was doing my part in helping people and creating a better society, but couldn't I create a better society through highly manipulative images of nationalistic fervor that will be in over-the-top fictive narratives where pretty people can play hero (especially with 136 thou in my pocket)? Who cares that the jobs are probably nothing like advertised. Forget fighting dragons and climbing mountains, I want 24 on steroids.

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