Friday, March 05, 2004

Plame -- what's in a name 

An article in Newsday looks at the Plame investigation -- it seems they are have subpoenaed Air Force One phone records and a host of other White House communications. Marshall has some context for the issue while Atrios comments, "...after re-reading that article a couple of times it's definitely clear that the writer knows, or at least thinks he knows, more than he's telling."

I read an article last night about Wilson is going to name names in his new book.

One of the oddest sections is the subpoena request for a list of those who attended a White House reception for former President Gerald Ford's 90th birthday. "The White House at the time announced the reception would honor Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan, but said the event was closed to the press. The White House Thursday declined to release the list and the Gerald R. Ford Foundation, which paid for the event, did not return phone calls."

Who is involved in the G. Ford Foundation and why this event specifically?

This whole disaster may get resolved yet.

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