Monday, March 29, 2004

we bring you democracy 

Unless you write something we don't like. Then we'll shut you down.

UPDATE: Another nice article from the Boston Globe highlighting our tenuous idea of a democracy in the Middle East:

Like hundreds more, he was released earlier this month, with no explanation of why he was arrested in the first place or why he was ultimately cleared to go home.

Khodair, a 55-year-old cafe owner, colorfully recounted to a half-dozen men packed in his dark, half-underground bedroom on a recent afternoon how he was forced to sit on his knees in the sun for 10 hours before his first interrogation. "It was just like hell," he recalled.

"Nothing has changed since Saddam," Khodair said. "Before, the Mukhabarat [secret police] would take us away, and at least they wouldn't blow down the door. Now, some informant fingers you and gets $100 even if you're innocent."

Ashcroft tried that with his TIPS program (satiric link) -- well, minus the 100 bucks. How much is that in Iraqi dinars?

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