Thursday, April 08, 2004

911 commission 

I've been watching and here are some things I've noticed:

What's up with some of the questions? I want to hear from Rice not some of these commissioners. They spend 3-4 minutes on a questions.

Some of these questions are horrible wiffle balls. Was the president pushed towards Iraq or merely puzzled about what to do with Iraq? What are we doing now? What are we doing to get at the roots of terrorism? Why did you mention Al Queda once on a detroit radio station once in the 9 months prior to 911? What the hell do those types of questions have to do with the 911 commission's purpose?

This time alotment sucks. She can dodge, dodge, dodge long enough to get out of any "difficult" questions.

And a commissioner saying "thank you for your careful answer" -- not complete answer; not thorough answer, and factual answer, but CAREFUL answer -- nice

Where are the solid followups? One commisioner has 100 meetings and she says 33 -- either someone screwed up royally or it highlights just how much we don't know about any of this --

UPDATE: wonderful question posed about the recommendations made by a panel by Clinton and Gingrich concerning FBI and Cia needing to talk more and why FBI agents even knowing they were on "high alert" even though the Rice claims their bosses knew.

Answer: we were there 233 days and it's Clinton's fault

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