Wednesday, April 07, 2004


I'd like to highlight just how bad this is and how much worse it can be. Essentially Shiites are standing next to Sunnis to fight the common enemy: US. From the AP:

Al-Sadr militiamen crossed from a mainly Shiite neighborhood directly across the Tigris River to join the fight, said Ali Abu Hussein, a businessman from al-Azamiyah. "It was all done in the heat of the moment, with America being the common enemy."

That raises the possibility of another nightmare for the Americans: al-Sadr's al-Mahdi Army forging links with Sunni Arab insurgents fighting U.S. forces in areas west and north of Baghdad.

This is a horrible development. Much worse than the news is playing it. Check out Juan Cole (link to right) and see what he's saying -- don't listen to those paid military consultants on the major netwroks -- every single one I saw last night said it was bad, but not that bad. Ask yourself, would they say any different?

Can anyone tell me why we are there? Oh yeah, WMD's. And don't say isn't it better with Saddam gone -- it has nothing to do with the WMD's. Even Blix says Iraq is worse off now than with Saddam. Go figure.

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