Tuesday, April 06, 2004


So I woke up in a foul mood. No reason. Absolutely none at all. The sun is beaming. The cats were all over me while I had my cereal bar and coffee. We had a great evening last night -- took everyone out for an ice cream and read some books to the kids. But here I was driving to work and severely bummed. My mind started wandering and I found myself thinking about a commercial I saw last night on the sci-fi channel (yes, I'm a SG1 geek). Actually I was flipping between that and the Tech game, though my bracket has been busted for awhile so I didn't have much reason to watch it, when this weird ad came on for the Reserves.

A few things were odd. One, why are they bombarding the sci-fi channel with commercials? And why are the damn things looking like bad video game graphics? The reserves commercial, if you haven't scene it, highlights a number of characters of different races and genders and none of them are holding a gun. Most are "learning a skill", which is their new tagline. Now I know most people realize there is no replay after you get your head blown off by an Iraqi. I also know that most see right though these "cool" graphics, but cripes; even the military website highlights a kazillion 1st person shooters. Is there something to the whole theory of people being desensitized through video games concept? the Army's video game also targeted the youngsters to show them how cool it would be to actually be able to hunt people down and kill them.

Then I come across this article on new evidence on the US supported the coup in Brazil in '64 to get rid of a democratically elected president. Nice. Aristide is going the way of Noriega now that he wants to "sue" the US for kidnapping him and Chavez, another populist president, is scared stiff. Too much going on in Iraq to worry about Latin America though.

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