Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Ok, so here's Bush's 2.4 trillion budget while facing a 521 billion deficit. He wants to cut over 60 programs -- who wants to guess at what programs he's reffering to? AP reports, "Hardest hit were the departments of Agriculture and Transportation, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Small Business Administration, and the Corps of Engineers, with cuts ranging from 1 percent for the Commerce Department to as much as 49 percent for the General Services Administration."

Who needs the EPA? And why help small business, corporations are where the big money is.

I wondered why they cut almost half of the GSA budget until I looked at their website:

"GSA supports over one million workers " Oh, now I get it -- workers. Ok. The agency merely, "Provide(s) superior workplaces for federal workers;
Facilitate(s) procurement of state of the art commercial products and a wide range of services; Offer(s) best value and innovative solutions on IT products and services; and
Develop(s) and implement governmentwide policies." Makes sense, get rid of them.

More money to the missle defense program and the Pentagagon. Don't mention the nice December surprise for another new Iraq supplemental bill on top of their world breaking budget.

I'm still not sure why we should trust a guy who got an MBA from an ivy-league school and STILL bankrupted three companies before becoming governor of Texas.

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