Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Gotta love 'em 

They give our companies sweet deals and follow our lead in regional policy. Yes, I'm talking about those friendly dictators. No, not ones from the 90's, but those great helpful characters like Pres. Musharraf who has recently jailed one of his strongest opponents for, get this, saying his coup was unconstitutional.

Now we have Karimov, Uzbekistahn's "president", and you have to check out his laundry list of dirty tricksies. Counterspin has followed this much more closely than I.

Meanwhile we have president Chalabi in the making, though that plan is probably the closest thing to a disaster as you can get. We are buds with Khadafi again. And you gotta love our newfound friends in Jamaica.

Dictators will only be dictators in our media if they are adverse to US policy. Sucks to be Chavez.

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