Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The Great InstiCator tells Suiciders "bring it on" 

Yes, in the first few minutes of his prepared remarks, Bush said insticate instead of instigate and, yes, made up a word "suiciders" which made most of us either laugh or shake our heads in disgust. Our emporer can't communicate an idea clearly nor coherantly and he is the one representing us to the world? I bet translators around the world scratch their collective heads at some of his mangled syntax and made up words -- it has to be like attempting to translate a 6 year old.

(a condensed version of the press conference can be found here by criticalviewer or you can find the real text here if you want to wade through the freedom is hard, terrorists, war, freedom, insurgents, love democracy, freedom, change the world)

A few things that I'm sure others will touch on:

How will the occupation end on June 30th when we don't know who we are giving Iraq over to and if our troops are staying after for "secrurity" reasons? American troops on Iraq soil will be perceived as an occupation, period.

The emporer could not find fault in anything the administration has done nor come up with one mistake he's personally made in the past 3.5 years of office. Must be nice to not be human.

He said there was no way of knowing planes could be missles to the threat to Genoa spurring his call for PBD in the same breath. Logic is not his game.

No one wants to see bodies on their TV, but, beg your pardon, oh emporer, I haven't seen any bodies on TV. I haven't seen any troops injured either.

When a question was asked about the PBD, he started on the historical argument and CNN cut to Rice and Rove. Card had some wierd sort of smile on his lips. He was either thinking of a BJ or laughing about how they would have to spin the emporer's poor performance. "How are we going to salvage this -- oh shit, we're screwed."

A Blair aide just lost his or her job. Bush claims we're changing the world and this person says, yeah, moving it back ten years.

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