Sunday, April 04, 2004

Holy Crap 

After the closing an independent newspaper, there were protests. After arresting a cleric's aide, there were protests. Looks like everyone got involved. Here's some snips:

eight U.S. troops and one Salvadoran soldier killed

a gunbattle at a Spanish garrison killed at least 20 others

in Sadr City rioters wounded at least 24 coalition troops

200 people, I'm assuming Iraqis, were wounded

Protesters clashed with Italian and British forces in other cities

Of course, things are great in Iraq. Just check out this article which describes the man, or should I say machine, who is running the Office of Strategic Communications in Iraq -- that's a sly way of saying propaganda for a domestic audience. Just check out these wonderful headlines:

"Beautification Plan for Baghdad Ready to Begin," one press release in late March said in its headline. Another statement last month cautioned, "The Reality is Nothing Like What You See on Television."

Baghdad will be clean, well, except for the roadside bombs killing our men and the rowdy, happy Iraqi teenagers toiletpapering, oh hell, dancing next to burning SUV's.

I have a feeling if we don't/can't hand over power to someone by June 30th, the draft will be very shortly behind.

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