Monday, April 26, 2004

Marching On 

I am very pleased to hear all the positive experiences people had and positive publicity coming from the million woman march in DC. We all know estimates are usually downplayed for protestors of any kind, but NPR quoted DC police un-official estimates at well over 500 thousand. Wow.

I remember the March in 92 and it is dwarfed by comparison.

I hate to be the pessimist but ultimately it doesn't matter how many marchers or protestors are out there, especially when one party rules all three branches of the government. They will do, what they want to do, when the want to do it -- it's really that simple. There is no check, there is no balance. Does this mean people should not get involved? Absolutely not. It should harden their resolve, get them angry. We all know what a little anger can do to motivate people and how once they are active, they find the work personally fulfilling and important -- lifelong commitments to others in some form or another.

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