Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Moveon let's move on 

You've all heard of Moveon, the major PAC that takes up the liberal banner and unfurls it proudly, however they are starting to lose their focus. Moveons latest ad and fundraiser to get it on the air covers the military histories of Kerry v. Bush. Not only is it unfair (Randy Johnson pitching to a T-baller unfair), this should not be Moveon's territory. I like Kerry, much more than Bush anyway, but he's a big boy and can defend himself. Move on should focus their energy and resources on issues that Kerry and the DNC are not covering for whatever reason -- ie the environment, the various scandals/lies, the war, etc. Moveon should be covering ground the Kerry campaign is too afraid to touch. Move on should move on to the broader liberal agenda that drew millions of people to their organization making it a strong voice for the voiceless left.

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