Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Not Sure 

Hitting a Mosque filled with worshippers and killing up to 40 people is a way to win hearts and minds and stop the spread of this latest "uprising". As a matter of fact fighting has spread across the country.

Neocons and warfloggers, come out and play.

Bring them on -- hmpf.

From the same article: "U.S. Marines have vowed to pacify the violent towns of Ramadi and Fallujah that had been a center of the guerrilla insurgency seeking to oust the U.S.-led occupation force. The 12 Marines were killed Tuesday in Ramadi, where Maj. Gen. James Mattis, 1st Marine Division commander, said his forces still were fighting insurgents that included Syrian mercenaries along a one-mile front." I wonder if the Syrian mercenaries are hired by a Syrian version of Blackwater. Or is a merc from America different from a merc from another country? How are they going to be treated? How does the Geneva Convention apply to mercs? Why are we so disgusted by the Americans mercs getting killed when they are fighting and dying for money and andrenaline versus a givernment or higher "ideal"?

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