Thursday, April 01, 2004

Nothing to see or Hear here 

So the prez's attorney calls at least two of the 911 commission's panelists prior to the Clark testimony. I would love to hear them tapes --

Waxman said "it would be unusual if such ex parte contacts occurred" during the hearing. Waxman did not allege that there would be anything illegal in such phone calls. But he suggested that such contacts would be improper because "the conduct of the White House is one of the key issues being investigated by the commission."

uh yeah.

Thompson declined yesterday to say whether he spoke with Gonzales. "I never talk about conversations with the White House," he said. Asked about the source of his information for his questioning of Clarke, Thompson said: "I ask my own questions."

Who said anything bout questions -- just say this:

During the commission's 21/2 hours of questioning Clarke, Fielding and Thompson presented evidence questioning the former official's credibility.

Ah well, great to be a paranoid -- conspiracy theorist -- this will only give them something to do with their lives for the next couple of decades.

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