Friday, April 23, 2004

Pinch of this, a tad of that 

Bush shouts out a "thank you" to Sharon and Sharon shouts out a "thank you" to our media. In three days Israeli forces have killed 17 people including two little girls. We continue to see children hurt by "suiciders" but not by "military action" -- I don't see how this type of double standard helps anyone -- not the Jews, Arabs, or the rest of the world which is drawn into their war.

As you know, Tami Siliciowas fired from her job for the now infamous picture. Did you know her husband was fired as well? And what is the reason given for firing the husband, besides being her husband? None. Something about this whole issue stinks -- critics argue that it violates privacy which I could understand if their pictures or names were on the transfer tubes, but they are not. Each coffin is anonymous. Even the families that the Pentagon is trying to protect can't infer if their child is or is not in one of the flag draped coffins. It's not a privacy issue -- so what is it? Politics. They are afraid the real images of war will hurt Bush's popularity. I'm glad people are talking about this regardless.

People are staying home. That's alright, that's ok, we don't need your money anyway -- well, the pentagon might; only 5 billion a month being spent in Iraq and more should be requested soon.

Senator Byrd's poignant remarks -- go read them.

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