Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Quell a Revolt? 

The BBC says "US Struggles to Quell a Revolt" which is particularly odd since they, the Brits, are right alongside us getting fired upon and firing on Iraqis.

So does that mean they are washing their hands of us? Naw, last time I checked they were planning their new troop rotations.

Are they not part of the "Coalition of the Willing" and likewise trying to quell the revolt? Odd sense of we-ness those Brits have.

Also, there seems to be some odd semiotic thing going on here because by calling this a revolt the editors at the BBC are implying either we have control and are in authority in Iraq, which I don't think has been the case yet or if they mean it in the sense of a protest or rejection, which seems more likely, they seem to be implying that Iraqis are rejecting the US specifically. And it is no surprise that the British may feel that way. Consider the animosity between how the Brits have wanted to run operations compared to their American counterparts.

On another note, can anyone forget comments like this "I'm having a blast," said Sgt. Dudley, a reservist from Scottsdale, Ariz. "I'm young. It's my turn to shoot and loot." April 15. What was I saying about this video game culture? Maybe he was playing a little to much GTA. Now almost a year later I wonder how he's feeling.

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