Thursday, April 15, 2004


This piece by Billmon is a cogent and ultimately sobering reality check for many of us. I'm staring at the keyboard hoping that I can put into words what I feel after reading his piece concerning the Israeli/Palestine "issue". I am struggling to organize my thoughts because I want to react like and just start rambling, which would be fine for me, but may lose some of you.

Remember that imperviousness you had when you were 18. That feeling like "that shit happens to other people not me" and if it does happen to you, you say "weird" and what a fluke. As a nation Billmon touches on this. Do we truly believe we can do/say anything and no matter the disconnect from reality or the disconnect from the audiences perceptions of that reality may be, we will be fine? We'll be able to go to the local BW3's and karoake or play our xbox, or even take our shit in the same old way as ever before? The reality is, as Billmon alludes to, that there is a suitcase of hurt waiting for us, and there is whole population ready to bring it to us and we don't seem to have any clue. Simpsons is on. Trump is going to pick an apprentice. Whose going to get booted on American Idol 15? I've got some french onion dip to eat.

The worst part is that week kneed Kerry supports the new Bush policy because he is a politician. I wanted to believe in someone. I wanted to believe in change. The republicrat is alive and well -- this whole 2 party system sucks. It's about the $. Always about the money. Deepthroat knew it. Jesus knew it. We're just a little slow, I guess.

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