Friday, April 16, 2004

Spring has sprung -- 

I was gong to go out and enjoy more of this nice weather, but I saw these two articles and it just blew my mind. First the wapo has an article headlined "General Calls Insurgency in Iraq a Sign of U.S. Success Political Achievements Are Cause of Uprising, Myers Says" while USA has a front page article headlined "Iraq duty deters re-enlistment ". It's going so well, people want to get the hell out. I read a piece earlier, I can't remember where, but a woman was talking about her husband breaking down and crying about his extended duty. She said she had not seen/heard him cry since high school. At a Funeral in MN for a servicemember's brother railed against our emporer. Maybe military families (damn hippies) will have more sway with neocons than the rest of us. I hope so.

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