Thursday, April 08, 2004


Not sure who put this together but it's pretty touching (video) -- and you should also check this one out as well; it too is very touching.. It reminds us that we are dealing with real people who are dealing with war. I detest the administartion that lied to get them where their lives are on the line.

Meanwhile is coverage opening up some? A friend of mine was discussiing the coverage this morning -- images of a wounded soldier evacuating a tank, reporters commenting on marines who, if they had any innocence left, would lose it by the end of the day, and soldiers commenting on how the battle is "surreal" --

Of course, there is a lot more of these folks comparing Iraq to Nam which may be giving news organizations some courage.

This is very disturbing. Insurgents have kidnapped coalition partners and are threatening to burn them alive if their troops are not pulled out. Why would any country stick by this administration when they LIED about WMD's to get them there? Japan and S. Korea were already wishy-washy about the whole deal -- so I suspect if any politician in either country wants to continue to be a civil servant in their country, they will be anti-Iraq within a day. Public outcry will be deafening.

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