Thursday, May 27, 2004

better and better 

How can I express this? I best play the lotto cause this year has been amazing -- we knew after being shot (yes, a bullet wizzed over my wife's and my head and brushed the hairs of my father in law's head) at on new years eve that this year would either be great or a disaster. Unqualified off the scale excellent is how the year is panning out. My wife is expecting our third and last child, I was accepted into a new, competitive program that may take my career in a new direction, and my father in law (who will be called J) calls me with tickets, airfare, and complimentary jersey to the Cup Finals in Tampa where on days off I can write my scripts, read, and play golf or swim. Holy shit.

My grandfather, upon hearing the news, asked about my wife who could not get away. He replied, "You owe her." I know, I said. He replied, "No, you OWE her." And I do. Amazing. Truly amazing.

Last night J and I get into a wonderful discussion on politics and the ways of the world. Very cool. Don't agree with about %80 of what he said, but some was right on and he made decent arguments. It was nice having a discussion rather than what you ussually see on TV or hear on the radio (a bunch of talking heads with scripted comments and ad hominem attacks). I'll try and post more later on the discussion -- I think it would generate some responses.

Topping much of this off, J has about a kazillion MP3's -- music is one thing we both appreciate a great deal, though he is a musician whereas I have no musical ability whatsoever, and we're working on swapping songs. Sweet.

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