Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The final 

So I have not been posting regularly the last few days because of the finals – I’ve been preparing for my trip to Tampa. I’m here. And it’s hot. And it’s freakin’ hoppin’. This is just a quick post – more to come.

The trek to the cup -- Check this out: parking was 20-25 dollars. It was higher than Dennis Miller’s ratings. We found a meter and doled out 5 bucks. About what Miller’s worth.

Outside the mood was, no pun intended, electric. Yes, the mood seemed like mardis gras complete with a juggler on stilts, a blond girl throwing out silver and blue beads, and 6 dollar beers. A kid, about 8 yearsr old, had a Mohawk and lightening bolt painted on his cheek and an inflated Stanley cup. All the TV guys wanted to get him on tape.

Inside the stadium, a guy lounged on a leather couch. He won some tickets to the finals. A short guy with a go-tee and baseball cap looked a little uncomfortable there hanging out but.... I asked what he did to get those seats and he said he wrote in to a local sports show with an answer to this question: “If you had the cup for a day, what would you do with it?” He laughed and said, “I’d get the Cup and the Lombardi trophy right next to each other and take a picture. Then I’d buy a full page advertisement in the Philly paper and say, ‘Thanks Philly, we couldn’t have done it without you.’” There ya go. Rome would have been proud.

Free thunder sticks were covered by the 6 dollar beers and 4 dollar peanuts. The lightshow was pretty damn amazing while they projected TB still pictures onto the ice.

It seemed it took the bolts two and a half periods to start playing. In first 45 minutes, they looked slow. They were not physical. They did not control the puck well. And it looked like Calgary just wanted it more. I was surprised they looked so green, although perhaps it was merely because they had gone 7 games just a few days prior. Calgary’s goalie is no Eschole – he’s going to get the easy shit. I think game two we will see a different TB team -- look for me -- I'm sitting ON THE GLASS in the calgary zone. I'm taking suggestions for a kick ass sign -- c'mon, help me out here.

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