Monday, May 31, 2004


I think two things are important to note -- the Bolts works hard about 2/3 of the time and won -- which is lucky. Some sloppy puck handling and poor passes discount part of the things they are doing well like winning the key battles at the end of the game. We should keep in mind they were also playing short two starters, their top goal scorer in Ruslan, and top defenseman in Kubina. I think it bodes well that they won a game on the road and short those guys -- it should boost confidence and give them that needed desire they seem to lack at times.

Watch for niemanen to get roughed up game 5 -- cheap shot with 4 minutes to go.

What's up with this? Soon after Jerome's dad evangalized on TV for his son, Leveclair got nailed. I'm not a lip reader, but I'm pretty sure Jerome wasn't praising Jesus while jawing at the refs.

Prediction: Bolts win 5, Flames win 6, and a toss up in 7.

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