Monday, May 17, 2004

Gitmo set the stage 

The observer reports that detailed abuse was videotaped and now lawmakers are getting excited. I'm completely against this abuse, but Rummy and Dear Leader already defined "those guys" (illegal combatants) and "that place" (Gitmo) as off limits to any laws international or otherwise where the Geneva convention does not apply, so what's the furor? Sure they may have some innocent people there. Sure they might have some teenagers there. Sure abuse is most probably happening -- but Iraq made such big waves because Rummy and Dear Leader did NOT define them as terrorists. They were Iraqi Army, Iraqi civilians, or maybe new troops in the uprising, but NOT terrorist. The irony: I have a feeling we've grown a couple honest to god Iraqi terrorists since our invasion.

The question becomes what will happen to Gitmo once the international body views said videotapes and how much pressure they will bring to bear. I don't think anything will happen-- most foreign politicians will give a nod to that place as they have already done(911) but their populations absolutely will not, especially in combination with any visual evidence. (I'm assuming all that info has been destroyed or shipped off to Cheney's undisclosed position at this point) Here again is where the anti American rhetoric could again heat up and help those who have a certain animous toward us or our policies.

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