Friday, May 14, 2004

humane, not humane. 

It seems as though the two quotes flying around the net on how we brke the Genev Convetion are these:

JACK REED: Mr Secretary, do you think crouching naked for 45 minutes is humane?

PAUL WOLFOWITZ: Not naked, absolutely not.

JACK REED: So if he's dressed up, that's fine?

Let me put it this way. 72 hours without regular sleep, sensory deprivation which would be a bag over your head for 72 hours. Do you think that's humane? And that's what this says, a bag over your head for 72 hours. Is that humane?

PAUL WOLFOWITZ: Let me come back to what you said the work…

JACK REED: No, no. Answer the question, Secretary. Is that humane?

PAUL WOLFOWITZ: I don't know whether it means a bag over your head for 72 hours Senator. I don't know.

JACK REED: Mr Secretary, you're dissembling, non-responsive. Anybody would say putting a bag over someone's head for 72 hours, which is sensory deprivation…

PAUL WOLFOWITZ: I believe it's not humane. It strikes me as not humane, Senator.

And --

"Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., had asked [Marine Gen. Peter] Pace if he would consider it good interrogation methods or a violation of the conventions if he saw a video of a U.S. Marine in enemy hands, bound, naked and in a stressful position with a hood on his head.

"I would describe it as a violation, sir," Pace replied.

"What you've described to me sounds like a violation of the Geneva Conventions," [Paul] Wolfowitz added later."

Here you can read a debate on PBS concerning our newfound freedom from inetrnational law.

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