Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Prison story delayed 

They had two freakin' weeks before the prison story ran on CBS and the Pentagon couldn't get their crap together enough to figure out whose heads would roll? This administration is by far one of the most incompetent ones we have ever seen.

And what's up with CBS giving them a heads up and two weeks anyway? Crap.

Meanwhile the Iraqis say we are worse than Saddam -- well, that sucks. I know we are resorting to have Saddam's REPUBLICAN GUARD (number 48 on the most wanted list, remember that -- classic) quell the uprising for us just like Saddam would do, but this is ridiculous. WMD's? Check? Threat to the region? Check. Religious fanatic leader who talks to God (and not like most of us talk to God, rather like a Koresh figure who is moved to violent action by His words)? Check.

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