Monday, May 10, 2004

Ugly is as Ugly does 

That is only part of the torture story. The more we learn about how nasty this situation was and how pervasive it was in multiple prison systems in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Gitmo, the more it disturbs me that people are defending the Pentagon and administration by saying this was a few "bad apples". A few bad apples do not hide torture victims from the red cross.

This is quickly turning into a WMD media story in which journalists, in an effort to get "both sides of the story", are actually inflating a false premise and creating an ill-informed culture. Many still believe WMD existed and were found. Many believe that Iraq had links to Osama. Both are without merit.

Now we have the "bad apples" going around when evidence suggests torture was systemic of a broad US policy -- get information no matter the cost.

Similarly, I don't understand how Dear Leader can say this abuse is morally unacceptable, yet say Gitmo is okeydokey. The moral leader has done left.

Sidebar -- remember when Dear Leader highlighted Enron as a few bad apples then a whole slew of them apples turned up all over the country -- yeah, me too.

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