Thursday, June 24, 2004

69 Said Dead in Attacks Across Iraq 

Not quite TET but psychologically this has got to be devastating.

One effect that may should be discussed is how foreign bodies will be effected by this attack. Will they line their troops up after such a show of force? Especially if reports like this one contnue to highlight cooperation between who we put in power for secruity and the insurgency? Our military is said to ask for 25 thousand more bodies to help in Iraq -- I didn't realize the 'volunteer' force was doing so well.

That great whooshing sound, as Ross Perot might say, is foreign money being sucked out of Iraq reconstruction and into home domestic programs which will leave us holding the very expensive doggie mitt as we try to clean that mess up. Likewise, governments have the luxury of having Army to say: 'we will not be detered; we are forces of light; the dark forces shall not win'; however, companies do not have such power or control. The S. Korean who was recently beheaded and the domestic pressure from that act put on the company has caused it to pull out from Iraq. Not all companies will pull out, but I can't imagine people hearing and seeing these men and women just trying to make a living getting beheaded for their associations with the US and the occupation forces are going to be willing contiinue to risk their lives in that situation -- what's the old adage, money isn't everything. When workers start to expect/demand hefty salaries to do the work, more of domestic programs like education spending or healthcare will be found dumped into that crapfield.

I'll take a guess at what dear leader will say -- "My fellow Americans, yesterday a small group of armed thugs ganrnered the world's attention. These forces of darkness are trying to deter our mission of goodwill and best intentions for the liberated Iraqi population. They will not shake our faith in doing the right thing and continuing to make steady progress toward true democracy. We are charged by the lord god to bring them out of darkness, um, wait a minute, we are charged with the responsibility to make their culture like ours; no, I mean, the evildoers will not win."

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