Monday, June 21, 2004

al-Qaida: Saudis Aided American Abduction 

But Iraq was the real threat.

It said Saudi security forces provided uniforms and police cars to militants who then set up a fake checkpoint to kidnap Paul M. Johnson Jr. The militants say they posed as police to stop Johnson's car, anesthetized him and carried him to another car.

"A number of the cooperators who are sincere to their religion in the security apparatus donated those clothes and the police cars. We ask God to reward them and that they use their energy to serve Islam and the mujahedeen," the article said.

I previously critiqued Moore on Columbine saying there were times he was over the top and set people up for his film, however, his basic premise is worth noting -- f911 should be interesting because there is a growing question about why we protect the saudis and they are our allies. As a primer, everyone should go see the Panama Deception.

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