Thursday, June 03, 2004

Bush not wanted in Italy 

Damn Italians -- always spouting off early.

They may be a major ally, but they really don't like us. Of course, there isn't one nation on the planet where a majority of people actually like us, so not suprising.

One banner read "Liberate Rome from Bush". US President George Bush is coming on Friday to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Nazi-occupied Rome by allied forces.

Another banner showed some of the pictures at the centre of the prisoner abuse scandal in Iraq, which has inflamed the Arab world and embarrassed the United States by revealing the ugly side of its occupation in Iraq.

"This is the democracy of Bush, Blair and Berlusconi," it said.

Lucky they aren't in America. They couldn't have done that without a permit and no one would have given them one. Likewise, they just might have been arrested and charged with a felony -- yep, protestors are not liked in this country, not one bit.

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