Thursday, June 24, 2004


So after replacing part of my roof -- it got too expensive with OSB costing 16 a sheet; will have to do the rest next summer -- painting, patching concrete, taking my daughter to the allergist (which was traumatizing as the nurse individually poked her with a about 30 out of the 52 substances and of which she was allergic to about 20 of those), and watching old movies on TCM, I've been swamped.

Last night, though, we went over to some friends of our who had twins recently. Great boys -- the twins. Had dinner. Then went to a drive in and saw Shrek 2 and Dodgeball. Dodgeball was funny but not because of stiller. Anyone could have played his part. My wife said "it's zoolander, it's zoolander" about 50 times. Yes, the film is worth seeing, but be prepared for the hack, stiller, to take too much screentime to from the other actors.

Today I'm laying carpet and doing errands before our trip to Virginia, so posting will be sporadic. Take a look at one of the links to the right.

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