Saturday, June 12, 2004

The other shoe 

I was not convinced anything would ever come of the torture scandal, especially after Bush allowed the military to investigate one of their own and put in a 2 star general who had limited powers to do his investigation; however, with these new revelations concerning Sanchez giving "latitude", the torture memos from the white house lawyers basically doing an end run around the laws against torture, and Hersh's latest damning comments (the videos of "interogations" of children and women) which will depict a "horror" we can not imagine, I believe the story has its own legs.

There may be more than a few journalists who will keep digging and enough honest people in the military and other areas of government who may be willing to give it a push or a nudge so that the full situation can come to light.

I can't imagine Rove will want this to continue to trickle out like a chineese water torture on dear leader unless he's thinking we'll just tire of this scandal and say "who cares, it's war" -- I don't think this is that kind of scandal, nor do I think people are willing to say that to this kind of president.

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