Tuesday, June 01, 2004

so what is the problem exactly? 

Guess what, Kerry is in another tough spot. According to this article on Newsday, now that Bush has started to implement Kerry's ideas and shifting to a more UN centered approach in Iraq, Kerry is in trouble.

"Kerry's position is being eroded," said one top Democratic foreign policy analyst who asked not to be named. "Kerry is in a position where the best he will be able to say is that Bush is finally doing what I said to do all along."

And this is bad because? According to the article, people aren't going to see a difference between him and Bush, and you know, he's the one who has to define himself -- implicitely here is the idea that he will have to move toward Nader's position, which is garbage. He doesn't have to do anything -- make a few ads that tout his ideas with dates and compare them to what Bush has said with dates and end with, "even the president can recognize a good idea some of the time -- too bad their from his democratic rival."

Instead of looking at this as a major opportunity by Kerry's team to show how Bush has (the dreaded) "flip-flopped" or as they say "shifted" policy mid-course, the paper has made the onus on Kerry which has been documented well by other bloggers.

I may not agree with the Iraq mess and may not agree with Kerry, but I'm not voting on one issue, even one as large as Iraq.

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