Monday, June 07, 2004

war crimes in Iraq 

Like that's going to happen. There is no way any president, not Dear Leader, not Clinton, not Kerry, would allow an international body to be able to control the fate of its military personnel.

I understand the report's conclusions which basically offered this:

"The top human rights official for the United Nations said Friday that the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. soldiers could constitute a war crime, and he called for the immediate naming of an international figure to oversee the situation."

Although I think the action may mollify some critics around the world and may go a long way in repairing our image and those strained relationships, I can't imagine any president giving an outside body any power or legitimacy that may ultimately jeopardize our position to protect the members of our military. Also, the reprocussions would be severe -- especially in Dear Leader's base who already have a loathing of the UN that is near rabid.

The idea of having an independent voice, though, is highly appealing to many observers even in the US, especially in light of the outcry concerning the current investigation which many call a sham that does not have the power or authority to go where the evidence takes it.

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