Wednesday, July 07, 2004

three cheers for Lay 

Bout time. Ken Lay was indicted.

And lest we forget.

Hopefully our media will also make the connection, though somehow I doubt it. I mean, they aren't covering the prison scandal latest involving children, why should they cover dear leader's ardent supporters and friends who just happen to be crooks? More on the scandal new information can be found on Sadly No -- via Atrios. Of course, we should all remember World Nut Daily's Larry Elder's comments on May 13th -- let's get some perspective. He lists a series of war crimes and atrocities done by major countries and regimes around the globe including China, Germany, Iraq, and North Korea -- does he now wish to add our name to that distinguished list? Instead of making excuses and calling for some perspective, some of these cons should have been calling for fuller investigations and more oversight. I can't get my head around the hyperbolic ideology that posits responsibility next to excuses all the time.

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