Wednesday, August 25, 2004

527's suck 

Dear Leader will be sure to denounce this 527 group that's pouring 10 million in to smear Edwards -- via Digby.

Maybe a quick stroll down memory lane -- this what the cons affectionately call the jecuzzi case:

Via Myrtle Beach Online
Edwards labored for 15 years on behalf of clients who had been injured by corporate or medical malfeasance.

You may have heard about one of those cases, derided by some TV pundits as Edwards' "Jacuzzi case."

Actually, it involved 5-year-old Valerie Lakey, who in 1993 was sucked into a wading pool drain when the cover came loose.

By the time her parents and friends were able to pry her loose, the drain had sucked out 80 percent of her small intestine and 50 percent of her large intestine.

Her life would never be the same.

During a trial against the drain manufacturer, Edwards brought out that two screws would have kept the drain cover intact.

He also revealed that the manufacturer, a Wisconsin company, knew of 13 other incidents since 1987 in which children had been seriously hurt - and yet it refused to alter the design of the cover, recall the product or issue warnings.

Ultimately, the jury awarded the child $25 million. It remains the largest personal injury award in North Carolina.

Detractors note that Edwards probably received one-third of the settlement and that if he really cared for Valerie he would have taken less.

I asked a friend, Myrtle Beach lawyer George Cox, about that. He noted that juries often factor the lawyer's fee into the total award.

He added that since such cases are usually done on a contingency basis, the lawyer takes nothing if he loses. "One-third of nothing is nothing," he said.

And let's set this straight. The company did try to settle. 20 grand. yep. 20 fucking grand for a defective product that ripped out a girl's intestines. Many lawyers would be unwilling to take the risk associated with trail and take the offer. Edwards refused. Go look it up. And this is why business does not want Edwards in any position of power.

Now if that were your daughter, would you want Cheney or Edwards as yer lawyer? Thought so.

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