Thursday, August 05, 2004

Antipsychotics Doubles for Low-Income Kids 

These drugs double for low income kids -- nice. Is it the low income kids are more ADD? Are doctors merely recongnizing it more? Or are kids being medicated for being kids?

Parents might be listening to bad advice from doctors ("South park's episode depicting a kickback scheme on ritalin was classic), or from teachers who don't want to deal with anyone who is not a good little listener (read Gotti's "Dumbing Us Down"), or as the tin foil hats say,
"it's the TV", or they just don't know any better, or don't want to or can't take the time to teach their kids. I have a hard time believing that more affluent kids are naturally so biologically/neurologically different that they don't have ADD and aren't prescribed these dangerous drugs in equal numbers.

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