Sunday, August 29, 2004

Bummer -- No Major Violence Reported at NYC Protests 

The media doesn't feel it necessary to report the wonderful quarter of a million protest against Dear Leader and his administrations policies, rather they would focus on how horrible it is that is was "gasp" peaceful. No one expected violence except for the cons. No one muttered anything about starting bonfires or hurling Molotov cocktails at police except for talking heads and the media prognostication.

So far 53 people were arrested out of a low ball estimate of 125 thousand, but that may well be the lead in tomorrow's paper. Radical protestors. Violence. The horror. The horror.

What makes me most upset about this whole situation is that protestors are once again couched as freaks of nature -- something to be abhorred or at least shunned. Kos has some great info up on it and people are checking in with their stories of nonviolence protest.

Note to media do not marginalize these hundreds of thousands of people as merely "bush haters". It's simplistic. It's too important. It's too demonstrably false.

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