Monday, August 23, 2004

Don't get it 

I just don't get our media. No, I should qualify; I get our media, but can't figure out why they are shit-fuckers. Even if Kerry fights back, the media responds that it wasn't hard enough thus he's weak. Too hard, and he's, as Scotty said, "losing it".

You know, Digby, Atrios, and Daily Kos have been all over the swift boat stories and it's pretty damn clear that those ads are utter crap. Now we have that old has been sheep bugger Dole coming out supporting the ads. You have to be kidding me. Dole, you know what you can do with those 4 inch thumbs of yours.

Where are the dem talking heads attacking Bush on everything? And everytime the media whores try to talk about the crap stories, they need to dismiss it in a sentence, and move in for an attack on the economy, on Iraq, on healthcare, on osama, on the seven minutes. Don't let them shape the debate. Of course, the trick is to make it juicy for them. They can't just present the facts, they can't just go on a rational tangent, they have to ties it to Bush's personal choices/life. Cocaine. Osama "dead or alive" to "I'm just not interested". My fucking pet goat. pictures of 6800 wounded from Iraq. "Some call you elite, I call you my base." Osama. Osama. 8 bfuckin billion missing from Iraq. I wonder what schools nationally could have done with 8 billion. I wonder where it went? How about to Bush's base.

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