Thursday, August 05, 2004

a few notes 

I love capitalism but some of the things these companies do to distinguish their products from everyone else is hilarious. I have to qualify, my wife does most of the shopping -- I spend too much money when I go so I was relieved of duty -- but I just washed my hair with sea algae extract -- and that was a selling point on the bottle.

And I swear shaving cream actually grows hair. Ever since I used Edge gel, I have to shave twice as much and have hair growing out my ears like never before -- cripes, I'm turning into one of the guys I used to make fun of -- a yeti.

Last time I bought a can of shaving gel, it included a mach 3, you know the razors that take off the first two layers of skin -- it was packaged with a gel that is supposed to "protect against nicks and cuts" -- yeah, great packaging of products. Those guys takin notes from Haliburton or what -- we pay to have them take care of a problem, then have to pay to protect ourselves from their sister product.

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