Tuesday, August 31, 2004

flip flop 

Anyone remember this?

On Monday, the Family Steering Committee issued a statement saying, "This administration has not fully cooperated with the 9/11 commission. ... President Bush opposed the creation of the 9/11 commission and his administration has set up roadblocks that have inhibited the commission's progress.''


When Republicans chose to hold their presidential nominating convention in New York City this summer, the idea of Ground Zero as a backdrop could not have been far from their minds.

Now they have to worry about protests from the victims' families.

"President Bush promised in a speech he gave in 2002 that he would not use the site for political reasons," said Lasar. "We believed him. We trusted him. He has broken his promise to us. To say that we're outraged is the truth."

So how's the 911 fest? I mean, the con convention. Oh, and I particularly like when the speakers said Osama is wanted dead or alive and we can win the war on terror. Oh shit, they didn't say anything like that? My bad; must've been the cold medicine.

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