Monday, August 23, 2004


Ohio cons in a world of hurt -- they're dirty -- go figure. Hopefully it will spill over to the elections. This on the heels of the second straight month of jobless claims ticking up.

I think Asher says it all:

"Here in Ohio, you can point to one-party control at the state level and one-party control at the national level, so if you are a voter who is not happy and you want someone to point the finger at, there's just not that many Democrats to blame," said Herbert B. Asher, a political scientist who follows Ohio politics at Ohio State University."

Meanwhile Kos has another angle on the swift boat crap -- an editorial by the Col. Dispatch (Ohio) which sports this poignant last line:

"If the tactic works, none of the men and women now fighting in Iraq can trust that the medals they earn won't someday be used against them."

Perhaps Ohioans will wake up. You never know.

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