Monday, August 16, 2004

Suppress the Vote? 

This is ugly:

State police officers have gone into the homes of elderly black voters in Orlando and interrogated them as part of an odd "investigation" that has frightened many voters, intimidated elderly volunteers and thrown a chill over efforts to get out the black vote in November.

The officers, from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which reports to Gov. Jeb Bush, say they are investigating allegations of voter fraud that came up during the Orlando mayoral election in March.

Officials refused to discuss details of the investigation, other than to say that absentee ballots are involved. They said they had no idea when the investigation might end, and acknowledged that it may continue right through the presidential election.

Anyone remember that many in Florida have been pushing blacks and liberals to vot by absentee ballot because of the electroonic voting machines and concerns of possible tampering without a paper trail. Is this Jeb's way of covering his bases and making sure the African American vote is not counted-- again?

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