Thursday, August 19, 2004

tweedle dum and tweedle evil 

If any of you have photoshop experience and a few minutes -- I'd like to get a picture of tweedle dum and tweedle dee with Dear Leader and the "Dark One's" faces superimposed on the bodies with the title "tweedle dumb and tweedle evil" above them. Give a cook a little help, eh?

I am not sure why Kerry defenders are not out in droves and showing a bit of righteous indignation concerning the media treatment of the shit boat fuckers. It will get a little play and show people there's some passion in a party that believes in what they're doing. Also, Kerry won't get his hands dirty.

I'd like to see a little more wolverine mentality coming from the dems. They should be attacking from a hundred different directions, seeing what sticks in the public mind, and hammering them every fucking day. Keep Bush in this position of defending himself -- WMD's, Plame, national guard, iraq, economy -- cause he sucks at defending himself. And our talking heads can't be freakin' automatons when they do it. If they are, the media yawns, the cons smile and change the subject. Meanwhile Kerry should be out there highlighting new proposals. And they don't have to be detailed! Kerry's health care proposal is a great example -- keep going, Kerry campaign.

When Kerry is forced to respond to what Bush is doing, he looks and, more importantly, sounds negative. I'm thinking the troop rotation. Even if it is a bad idea, the way Kerry responded sounded like an ten year old whiner. "But it's not the right way." He's very rational. He's very boring. He's very opposite what he purports to be on his website.

What happened to Dean? Where's he at? After he called the terror level political games crap out and how the media got hustled, he's been incognito. I think we need more "YEAGHHH" and people who aren't afraid to do it.

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